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Nantong Mingxuan graphite products Co., Ltd. has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification. Located in Haimen City, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, the company was founded in 1992. The former Haimen Yanhua graphite factory was renamed Nantong Mingxuan graphite products Co., Ltd. in 2013, covering an area of 6.2 mu, with a factory building of 2046 square meters. The company's main products are "Mingxuan" brand carbon products - graphite products, mainly including electric brush, mechanical carbon, mold graphite, EDM graphite, electric locomotive carbon skateboard, etc. the products are extensive It is used in machinery, electronics, chemical industry, petroleum, electric machinery, electrical appliances, textile, medicine, aviation, navigation, transportation, communication, atomic energy, bioengineering and other fields. Its products sell well all over the country and are exported to the European Union, Japan, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The company has perfect production equipment and testing means, with strong technical strength. The company tenet: we run the enterprise with "integrity", for which we will do everything regardless of cost Cost. Quality is our way of life. The main products are: graphite, carbon, graphite and carbon products, graphite mold, electrode graphite mold, graphite crucible, graphite rod, pump graphite, graphite pad, graphite groove, graphite sleeve, graphite milk, flake graphite, high-purity graphite, hot pressing parts, graphite packing, graphite packing, graphite sealing ring, tetrafluorocarbon products, carbon fiber packing, carbon stone Graphite, metal graphite, hot pressed graphite, tetrafluorocarbon graphite, flexible graphite, high-purity graphite, machining and other graphite products.



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