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At present, most of the common graphite materials in the market are artificial graphite, which supports different types of graphite products. What are the advantages of graphite products over other metals in high temperature materials? The specific strength of graphite products is moderate at room temperature, but within 2500 degrees, its specific strength increases with the increase of temperature, and the strength of other materials decreases with the increase of temperature. After 2500 degrees, the specific strength of graphite products CIA begins to decline, so in the field of industrial application, mold graphite products have unique advantages as high temperature resistant materials. Graphite products are widely used because of their special structure, high temperature resistance, thermal shock resistance, conductivity, lubricity, chemical stability and plasticity.

Although the quality of high-purity graphite crucible is very good and not easy to damage, it should also be handled with care. Falling from high altitude or bumping has little impact on the quality of graphite crucible, but cracks will appear if it goes on for a long time. There is no way to remedy this situation, so it can only be replaced. Do not heat high purity graphite crucible on open fire. Because its own thermal conductivity is not very enough, it is meaningless to heat it on the top, which is the best carbon felt, and use smoke and fire to bake or make it appear dark under, which is not beautiful. Because of its good thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance, the high-purity graphite crucible has a small coefficient of thermal expansion, a certain strain resistance to hot and cold, a strong corrosion resistance to acid-base solvents, and a good chemical stability. High purity graphite crucible is widely used in smelting various kinds of non-ferrous metals such as silver, aluminum, lead, copper, zinc and medium carbon steel and rare metals. High purity graphite crucible has stable quality, carbon felt price, long service life, greatly reduced fuel consumption, reduced labor intensity, increased labor intensity, and created better economic benefits.


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