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With the more fierce demand of graphite products market, the development trend of graphite manufacturing industry has also encountered more challenges. At present, graphite bearing, graphite ring and graphite products are not the same or interact with each other in the industrial chain, and industrial integration has become a new development trend. For this matter, many graphite products companies have just begun to put strategic development planning into industrial integration.

Industrial integration within and outside the manufacturing industry

Within the manufacturing industry, industrial integration means the combination of online and offline marketing promotion and planning, design scheme and interior space design. This kind of industrial integration is all the urgent problems encountered by the manufacturing industry nowadays. With the development and popularity of the period and science and technology, adhering to the traditional development trend method has long been out of date, and actively implementing industrial integration with the development of the times has been a great encouragement.

Outside the manufacturing industry, it is also necessary to carry out industrial integration, that is, the manufacturing industry should be combined with the real estate industry, the manufacturing enterprises should be combined with the ecological environment protection, and the company's pursuit of perfect profits should be combined with the corporate social responsibility. This is not only the superficial industrial integration, but also involves the spiritual level. As a company, it should establish its precise positioning in the sales market, actively cooperate with the relevant industrial chain, establish its precise positioning in social development, and take the initiative to take the corporate social responsibility, so as to complete the sustainable development concept.

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The development trend of industrial integration is of great practical significance

Industrial integration is not only a development trend. Nowadays, graphite is the actual selection of industrial development planning, and the only way for manufacturing industry under the situation of economic globalization and rapid development of high-tech. Industrial integration can promote the independent innovation of manufacturing industry, promote the optimization of industrial chain structure and industrial development planning of manufacturing industry, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the company, promote regional economic integration and enhance the self-control of sales market of manufacturing industry. Therefore, actively promote industrial integration, will let the company's development show a good trend of brand-new upgrading.

Industrial integration has long been an inevitable trend. Companies should not stick to the rules. Only actively promoting industrial integration can enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the company and enable the company to complete the long-term sustainable development concept

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