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Graphite ring

  • Carbon ring seal
  • Carbon ring seal
  • Carbon ring seal
  • Carbon ring seal
Carbon ring sealCarbon ring sealCarbon ring sealCarbon ring seal

Carbon ring seal

  • Graphite bearing
  • Carbon ring seal
  • Product description: The structure of the carbon ring seal includes an annular seal cavity and an annular shaft sleeve. The seal cavity is provided with an annular groove in which at least two annular graphite seal rings
The structure of carbon ring seal includes ring seal cavity and ring shaft sleeve. There are ring grooves in the seal cavity. At least two ring graphite seal rings with rectangular cross section are installed in the grooves. There is a gap of 0.01-0.04mm between the inner diameter of the graphite seal ring and the ring shaft sleeve. The outer surface of the shaft sleeve is coated with wear-resistant layer, and the coating material is generally aluminum oxide or ethylene oxide. Carbon ring seal sometimes needs to add isolation gas to the seal diagram of carbon ring, usually nitrogen is used, and the nitrogen consumption is controlled at 25 ~ 40m3 / h, which is mainly used to seal flammable and toxic media. Carbon ring seal is widely used because of its simple operation and maintenance, good sealing performance. Assembly structure: integrated and partial application equipment: steam turbine, fan, generator, compressor, turbine and other units. Application position: shaft end seal application field: petroleum, chemical, petrochemical, metallurgy, etc. Application parameters: temperature: - 120 ℃ < T < 500 ℃ pressure: - 0.8bar < p < 75bar


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