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  • Antimony impregnated graphite ring, antimony impregnated graphite sleeve, antimony impregnated graphite bearing
Antimony impregnated graphite ring, antimony impregnated graphite sleeve, antimony impregnated graphite bearing

Antimony impregnated graphite ring, antimony impregnated graphite sleeve, antimony impregnated graphite bearing

  • Graphite bearing
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Most of the pores of antimony impregnated graphite + impregnation + friction and wear are through holes, which reduces the oxidation resistance and mechanical strength of the products. In carbon industry, impregnation technology is often used to fill the pores of graphite. Through the metal impregnation pores, the mechanical strength and friction and wear resistance of the composite can be improved. This paper studies the friction and wear mechanism of antimony impregnated graphite prepared by using antimony as impregnation metal Preparation discussion on the influence of antimony on the wear resistance of graphite% C experimental part% 6% C material preparation diagram% C process flow this sample is prepared by mechanical pressure impregnation method antimony graphite impregnation process flow is shown in Figure% $relevant physical property parameters before and after impregnation are shown in table% $table% C physical and mechanical properties of sample volume density G! L5jo compressive hardness GT @; degree GT @; service temperature GW gas Hole hhdh "shows the analytical balance of @ T2 > type /" ol to measure the mass of sample before and after wear $! C test analysis! 6% C wear analysis shows the data of wear amount before and after immersion $table! C wear performance of sample before and after immersion test identification of sample before and after experiment GL absolute wear amount after experiment GL relative wear amount Ge average absolute wear amount GL average relative wear amount Ge immersion metal graphite strength% hardness from immersion The hardness of antimony is determined by the strength% hardness of the metal phase. The prepared antimony impregnated graphite is not easy to be abraded during the friction process. The average wear amount data before and after the stain shows that the wear amount reduces the immersion of antimony and improves the wear resistance of antimony impregnated graphite $! 6! C friction mechanism analysis the dynamic curve of the friction coefficient test before antimony impregnation is obtained according to the collected data Fig. > as shown in Fig. $Fig. > C dynamic curve of friction coefficient of non antimony impregnated sample. According to the dynamic curve of friction coefficient test after antimony impregnation, as shown in Fig The mechanism of friction reduction is that the binding energy between the plane layers of graphite crystal is lower, the graphite is easy to slide along the crystal surface, the peeled graphite has a strong adsorption capacity on the clean surface, the graphite adsorbs on the grinding surface, forms a graphite film, and the graphite can also adsorb the moisture in the air, forms a layer of graphite water film, which transfers The formation of the film makes the graphite self-lubricating, but in the antimony impregnated graphite, the film is composed of the graphite film% metal oxide film, which makes the friction between the antimony impregnated graphite and the pair of grinding occur between the lubricating layers, forming the boundary friction, reducing the favorable friction coefficient, and the particle roughness of the antimony and DH ink blank due to the absence of the support of the mesh antimony, the normal stress, the shear stress and the peeling off, and the transfer film does not transfer The parts easy to form are also destroyed quickly. The friction coefficient is relatively high $> C conclusion shows that the weight gain rate after impregnation is high. A large number of metals are immersed in the gas of graphite blank to fill the pores. The problem of graphite impermeability is solved. The microstructure of impregnated graphite is slightly network like. It can be connected with each other in the working process. The mechanical strength is better. The friction and wear resistance of the sample before and after antimony impregnation are tested The experimental results show that due to the formation of the transfer film, the friction coefficient is reduced and the friction coefficient is reduced after antimony impregnation, and the properties of the product are greatly improved.
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